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Mādhavīyā Dhātuvṛtti Canonical Index: Help

The following describes some of the technical details for using the display of the Madhaviya Dhatuvrtti Canonical Index.

The display has two parts: the data table on the right and the control section on the left. The data table is initially empty. When the user specifies various criteria in the control section and then clicks the Refresh button above the data table, the server selects the corresponding records and returns them for display in the data table.

Web Browser requirements: It is known that many parts of the main web page do not display properly with the Internet Explorer browser. If possible, use one of these browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

Data Table

The data table consists of the Refresh button, the record count field, the navigation line, the data table headings, and the body of the table which contains one line for each selected record.

Control Section

The control section on the left has three parts: encoding controls, a sort control, and selection controls.

Jim Funderburk, 14 May 2009

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